XD Design Bobby XL Backpack 17 Review  (2024)

Welcome to my backpack review. Today, I’m going to speak about one of the most trending backpacks on social media, which is famous for its feature as an anti-theft backpack. Recently it got hyped all over the internet, so I thought why not give it a try?

XD Design Bobby XL Backpack 17 Review (1)

XDDesign Bobby XL 17" Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack USB Port Black (Unisex Bag)

  • Integrated USB Charging Port
  • Integrated USB Charging Port
  • Protective layers and a Cut-Proof Protection board

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Going by impulse, I got this XL version a few months back and have been using it for some time for all my travels.

Up until now, I’ve experienced some good things about this bobby XL backpack but also there are certain things that I don’t like and don’t prefer about it. In this article, I’m going to describe all the features and what I feel about them, considering that I travel a lot.

If you want to get this bag just because of the hype you need to read this article first.

Internal Organization

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Firstly, it has three mini pocket compartments at the backside, in which there are two side pockets where you can put your phone, card, or any useful keys. Inside these side pockets, there is a USB port so that you can charge your phone on the go.

And the 3rd one is for your wallet, small diary, your passport, or maybe a chocolate bar.

Now moving towards the main zip which will completely open your bobby XL. On opening, you will see one large pocket for a 17-inch laptop, one for daily use, not a thick one though. And two net pockets for holding papers or anything you want.

On the other side, there are two more net pocket dividers and one simple pocket. And three pen holders, ha! Inside the bobby XL backpack, there are nice compartments pockets.

All the compartments are fully padded, which results in limited space for other items.

The backpack is quite nice, it looks good while carrying, it is waterproof, and it is supposed to be knife-proof as well.

Advertisem*nts Vs Reality

When displayed online, XD Design Bobby XL Anti-Theft Backpack looks quite amazing. But when you get it in your hands it’s not that amazing. I mean the stitching on the sides is rough, the outer part is extremely nice, but the inner part I would say not as much as I thought it to be.

Nonetheless, it has some really good points. We should not take that away. One of the strongest parts of this backpack is that the outer shell has no zips. All the pockets and zips are inside the bag. It will keep you safe from all the thieves while you travel.

Hence the outer wall is very strong, it’s also waterproof. So it will keep your valuable items safe even from the rain.

When talking about the looks, I feel it looks quite decent when you wear it.

Access To Your Essentials

You can easily access your frequent needs through the side and mini pockets in the back. And the good thing is that this backpack is waterproof, but of course, you are not completely safe.

You definitely need an umbrella whenever it’s raining, and grabbing an umbrella at that time can annoy you a little bit. I really miss my outside pockets for holding an umbrella and also my water bottle. Not being able to grab a water bottle is annoying for me.

Also, when I need an umbrella I have to open up the whole bag just to get an umbrella cause it is not waterproof.

Perfect For A Crowded Place

This rigid design of XD Design Bobby XL Anti-Theft Backpack is perfect for crowded places and it fits properly when worn against the back. I really appreciate it when I travel to cramped places and when I’m surrounded by people.

I can walk freely without any worry and without bumping into other people. I’m free from the fear that anyone would steal my stuff. And I prefer this bag in crowded places as there are many thieves in places like these.

Bobby XL Backpack Functionality

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Firstly let me tell you, opening this bobby XL is not an easy task. I know zippers are located inside specifically for the reason of safety, but it’s a little annoying to open and close the backpack as it’s not functional.

Whenever you want to open Bobby XL, you have to take off the backpack and have to find the zippers which are located inside the bag. Let me also tell you guys that the quality of zippers is also average.

After unzipping the bag, you will see some velcro that needs to be undone before completely opening up XD Design Bobby XL Anti-Theft Backpack.

If the backpack is closed/ zipped, nobody can see any pockets as they’re fully covered.

However, there is one pocket inside which will face your back when you wear it. It is used for passports and cash. Yes, now you can say that you have a backpack that will give you relief from the thought that people will steal it.


The best material is used only on the outer part of the bag and I feel that makes sense for safety purposes. Moving on towards the zippers… after a few uses, I noticed that the zippers are of not good quality but they aren’t bad either.

They are somewhat average. The same goes for the stitching of these backpacks.

If you place heavy items inside it, you will notice that the grip will become loose and sewings also start to loosen up a bit. Hence, Bobby XL Anti-Theft Backpack is not for rough use. If you use it without care it will start tearing after approx two to three weeks’ use.


The comfort depends on how much material is in it. As mentioned earlier, I feel it’s smaller in size so it can’t carry a large number of items. If you put in many items, it will feel uncomfortable when you wear this backpack.

No doubt it is padded on the inside for comfort, but it will become saggy if you apply a lot of pressure on it. Space for the laptop I feel should be more in width. While putting a laptop inside, I can feel the laptop press against my back.

Bulky And Non-compressible

What I felt from my usage of bobby XL is that this backpack is quite bulky even when there is nothing inside it. Also, this bag is non-compressible even when it’s empty. I feel like the lack of flexibility of this bag is quite annoying. Sometimes it does test your patience in putting and getting things out in a limited amount of space.

Safety Of Bobby XL Anti-Theft Backpack

Yes, it’s definitely safe. This is the main thing I like about this bag. It avoids the attention of thieves, even if they try to, you don’t need to worry, this bag is completely protected as long as you wear it and carry it correctly.

Hidden zippers and hidden pockets play an important role in the protection. Also, you have a cut-proof outer shell.

Is It The Best Anti-Theft Backpack Available?

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As our different daily usage items, like bicycles, have locks, cars, even mobiles, the Bobby XL Anti-Theft Backpack is designed in the same way for protection. Its outer material and design are mainly for the purpose of deterring thieves.

If this backpack is used correctly, it provides great protection.

It will give a hard time to thieves to open this backpack up, and there is still a chance that you will be able to keep your belongings safe.

So yes we can say that it is the best anti-theft backpack if used correctly and you will have peace of mind while using it.

Is It Worth the Price Tag?

The price of this backpack is approximately 100 dollars. The only thing I feel about this backpack is that if we only look for safety purposes and carry small items, then I would recommend it to you.

But, if you seek style and comfort, style is there but not comfort. It is good for a day trip but not more than that.

Considering its extra-large size and comparing it to the space and the price I believe the size is small, it should be large and should have more space as it says extra large.

Things I Don’t Appreciate

Small Size

It’s the right size (xl) of getting into the flight cabin so that’s a good thing. It has space for a power bank plug, I always carry a power bank and use it to plug in the bag.

But the XL is small for me. If I have my laptop with me then there is limited space for other items. Um, like, I cant put extra clothes in it while having my laptop with me. This XD Design Bobby XL Anti-Theft Backpack is not big enough. Period.

Let me give you a little bit of a description, so it’s easy for you to assess the situation… If I have a laptop with me and I want to put in long jeans and two t-shirts then it is full. There is no more space.

When I travel, I like to take my camera with me, and this bag is too small for that There is no space for other things. If you need several clothes, then this is not your guy. Nonetheless, I really like it, it’s a really nice bag.

Loose Straps

You will notice that by wearing this backpack regularly, its straps start getting loose, and they wouldn’t last a day. The reason behind these loose straps is: putting heavy objects in your bag.

Moreover, the material they have used for these straps is of thin quality and as a result, there is less friction to hold the weight of the bags on the shoulder.


Good thingsThings that can be improved
WaterproofSmall space
Knife resistant / anti-theftLoose straps
Decent looksApart from the outer shell, quality is average
USB cable port


The main purpose ofthe XD Design Bobby XL Anti-Theft Backpack is protection and safety. If you seek protection, then there is a lot to like about the bag.

The pockets which are concealed are super convenient. And small side pockets are also quite useful if you need access to your wallet, phone, and maybe cards. This sense of protection will keep your peace of mind which is not the case with many other backpacks.

I would say that this bag is ideal for a specific purpose only, not for everyday rough use. Like using it for work or a backpack for a day’s travel. I use it when I have to travel light as it doesn’t have enough space.

So that’s it for today, thanks for reading, until next time. Always do your research before buying anything. You need to know if a product really fulfills your needs as it claims in the advertisem*nts.

XD Design Bobby XL Backpack 17 Review  (2024)


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